Im actually looking for a refrigerator (or freezer) that has top and bottom doors, preferably dual zone temp (most commercial fridges will). I need to fit 20″diameter x 26″ tall "item" into each of these doors.

So if anyone hears anything about an auction or some business/friend getting rid of a fridge similar to this, please message me back. Craigs list and ebay get frustrating after a couple hours.

thanks everyone.

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I found a walk in but you would have to rip the roof off to get it in the house. I'm good at finding them, I'll keep an eye out. Will to go to another state to pick it up? Here's a good page I'm always checking out;



Well dont know if i could do the walk in situation though it would be nice, ill check that site out, and ya send me a msg if u find anything really cool, im starting to learn about building my own fridge, using parts from an older compact fridge (2x) and then i can have top and bottom dual control, possibly figure out a way to build a smaller room on top to freeze hops, if i get something figured out ill post it on site

go look at that web site under location and pick illonise, nice two door stainless steel one. They always say something may be wrong with it on everything they sell just to cover their butts. I've bought many of things

ill check it out, but i went off a built a "Son of fermentation" chamber and am in the process of building my own fridge using wood, insulation, etc.. and guts from a mini fridge, ill post the builds online here soon when i get some time. but thanks for looking for me

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